"Unique Settings of New York who, in my opinion, are a reputable, fast growing company that embrace change in order to stay ahead of our volatile industry. On top of that, they are extremely eager to consistently provide exciting programs for their retail customers, which include over 11,000 independent accounts in the USA and Canada. I can justify this because DPS have been working with them on their Right Hand Ring program, specifically to help them further enhance their marketing material and products in support of their high-end independent business... Sincerely,"
Lisa Cochin
Diamond Promotion Service
Partner, Director of Sales and Communications

" Unique is absolutely one of the finest, most extensive and current style trend mountings (casting) vendors in the industry today. Furthermore, they are eagerly capable of extensive special orders and custom models, if required. They service is impeccable, usually shipping consistently new orders in just 2 days! Their customer service reps have always been friendly and knowledgeable in the 5 years we have worked with this vendor. Their catalogue's are the most extensive available in the industry and easy to understand for the products they offer."
Lyle & Marguirette Fields
Marquirette's Exquisite Jewelry

" I would have to say that when I do not have the time to custom made a piece, Unique is who I look to first. Your catalogs are extensive, quality is first rate and service is outstanding. I would give Unique Settings an A+ in all categories. I have been a custom jeweler since 1971 and had my own store since 1977. Unique gives good quality at a fair price and that is all you can ask for."
Jerry Forrest
The Jewelry Forrest

" We are an established retailer in Charleston South Carolina. We rely on Unique Settings for several projects a month. They are a truly great company with the largest jewelry catalogue in the business."
Mitch Hankin
Joint Venture Jewelry

" We are very excited to doing business with your company. Your quality is amazing and your service is top-notch. All of your staff has treated me professionally and courteously. I feel we have been treated as a very important customer from the very beginning."
Mike Christensen
Firecut Diamonds

" I have had an open account with Unique for several years. You started as an alternative to the "rigid non flexible" suppliers. Now your catalog is the first off the shelf. Your staff is great, I recommend Unique to other jewelers.Best Regards,"
Mark A. Scales
Mark Andrews Jewelers
Graduate Gemologist G.I.A.

" Normally I would be happy to share my opinions on a supplier, but with Unique Settings I don't want my best kept secret for satisfying demanding clients to get out!!"
Kim Vincent
CMI Jewelry Showroom

" Unique Settings is the best run company that I have encountered. They present the ultimate customer service because they are 100% familiar with all of their products. When they tell you exactly what day you will received the item, that is the day it shows up. That is a key to me. I do not have to worry about deadlines. Besides their support, they have a great selection of mountings that cover every gambit of styles. And if you need a piece modified, they happily do it and do it with skill. They present a complete package of excellence and you can tell when you talk to anybody at Unique that they are willing to help and they do care."
Ted Koester

" I have had an open account with Unique for several years. You started as an alternative to the "rigid non flexible" suppliers. Now your catalog is the first off the shelf. Your staff is great, especially Nil.(My personal favorite) I recommend Unique to other jewelers I know. Keep up the good work. Best Regards."
Mark A. Scales
Graduate Gemologist G.I.A.
Cary, NC

" Dear Unique Settings, I don't think I have ever dealt with a manufacturer that offers the quality of Customer Service that Unique Settings offers. Every phone call gets returned and every email is responded to with both promptness and courteousness. They truly shine when it comes to making their clients feel like they are the only client they have."
Barbara Palumbo
Vice President, union Diamonds,
Atlanta, GA

" The service and quality that you provide is unparalleled in our industry! At first, we kept Unique Settings as "our little secret", but now we tell colleagues all over the country, including Canada about what you provide. The new eternity band marketing brochure looks great. Keep up the good work."
Paul Cassarino

"Unique Settings is a very valuable company for the industry. Their quality, selection and service are excellent."
Roger Harjani

" Unique Settings of New York is an excellent vendor."
John Saslow
Vice President

" Unique Settings is a huge part of my success. I often have custom requests, and I rely on the skilled staff of Unique Settings for these special projects as finished jewelry as well as mountings. Every project has been exactly what the customer wanted with no exception. The quality of workmanship and the quick turn around is the best in the industry. I appreciate the great customer service and follow up with every order."
Shellie Stewart
Plano TX

" Unique Settings of New York There are several reasons why Antwerp Sales International of Atlanta does business with Unique Settings of New York:

  1. The awesome service
  2. Great prices, (less what we could make it ourselves especially when we figure the diamonds the metal , the labor and time it would take us)
  3. We have used Unique collectively for over 5 years and could not be happier especially for difficult items like my customer wants it to look like this, but a little more this way and just a smidge that way. The tough jobs that we would have turned away, now we take them all and let Unique Settings help us make the sale.
  4. The most important reason, which is very important to us, is the exceptional customer service personnel, for always being there to understand our needs and help us make the many custom jewelry items that we need.
For those jewelers that have not had the opportunity, and the pleasure, to work with Unique, you are missing more than you know. They will spoil you just as they have spoiled us.
Please call us for our personal recommendations at 404-231-3125"
David Franco, Bill Frank


" Our family business has been very successful since opening 32 years ago. We have been dealing with Unique Settings for about three years and have been extremely pleased. We can now offer a wider variety of services to our customers without sacrificing our high expectations of quality and craftsmanship. From the quality of the materials they use, to the way they take time in finishing each job to perfection, their finished product is always dependable. One of their greatest assets is that they are very flexible. They are always willing to use our customers stones to set in their mountings or they will modify or create a mounting from scratch that will work for whatever materials you have. We have even sent them pictures and had them combine looks to give our customers the precise details they are looking for. One of the biggest reasons why we use Unique Settings so often, is because they stand by their word. They will never promise something unless they can make it happen. All of the people we have worked with at Unique understand how important it is, when we promise our customer's job, to have it ready for them on time. They also have a very high level of customer service which is so hard to find today. We have nothing but the highest compliments to everyone there and appreciate all they do to help our business be more successful. We look forward to doing lots of business with them in the future.
Jennifer Lance
Vice-President of Heritage Fine Jewelry

" Unique Settings has offered timely production of unique items, with superior quality craftsmanship. We appreciate the business building assistance in working out inventory, ordering, and the excellent customer service. We deal with many suppliers in our operation and there is no single one i would recommend more.Thanks,"
Jerin Simken
Director of Sales

" Our reliance on Unique Settings of New York is an integral part of our reputation for fine quality, durable and fashionable jewelry delivered in a timely manner. Amazing craftsmanship coupled with extraordinary service, competitive pricing and ultra-reliable delivery is an unbeatable and rare combination in today's world of wholesale jewelry supply."
Joseph and Paul Cassarino
The Gem Lab
Rochester, NY

" Unique settings has for years provided Spectral Gems with very good products and value. Whether I am ordering by email, or making an inquiriy by phone, they have consistently been prompt, helpful, and friendly."
Gary Gosnell

" Not only do we get beautifully casted pieces-the deliveries are accurate and prompt as well. Unique Settings of New York has a winning combination! Even special orders are supplied to our exact specifications."
Saul Abraham
Owner of Simply Designs
Dallas, TX