About Unique Settings New York

With humble beginnings rooted in retail jeweler, Unique Settings New York’s founding partners knew that in order to be successful in today’s changing retail environment, you had to have the means to accommodate your client with the product they are looking for, and at the price they are looking for. All while maintaining, and providing a remarkable service. Without a manufacturer to stipulate these vital services, they set out to create their own.

Within 19 years Unique Settings of New York has quickly expanded from servicing their individual stores, to gaining the trust of jewelers across America, providing them with an exceptional product and service. We have also developed a reputation, within the jewelry industry, as one of the few manufactures today, which continues to impact how jewelers facilitate their business.

Early on it was clear that the essential of a successful retail jewelry store was having a great bridal business. With this realization, Unique Settings set out to create and manufacture the largest collection of Bridal Jewelry in the industry to date. Using new technology and manufacturing development, we have been able to provide a dynamic, yet flexible product line. Our product line continues to grow, introducing new designs and products in union with changing trends. We offer the independent jeweler a vast number of services to customize any piece of jewelry. Services, which include making changes to existing pieces of jewelry in our collection, or the creation of a new one-of- kind designs created from a sketch. The friendly and experienced staff at Unique Settings of New York will tirelessly work to bring your vision to life. Our history includes a strong commitment to environment-friendly practices, using recycled precious metals, ethically-sourced gemstones and diamonds.

While we are proud of what we have accomplished, we are dedicated to building a better future for our customers and employees. We are truly honored that jewelers and end-users have relied on us for the past ten years. We will continue, at great lengths to earn their confidence, and business. Each of Unique Settings associates are focused on providing the highest level of quality and customer service in the industry. It is our objective, not only to meet our customer’s needs, but also to exceed their expectations.

Unique Settings manufacturing, and distribution facilities are strategically located in United States in order to optimally serve our customers. Our New York manufacturing facilities produce the entire product line, which we sell. We are dedicated to continue the commitment of our product being MANUFACTURED IN AMERICA.

"You have our commitment that we will continue to dedicate our resources, and efforts to the expansion of our jewelry industry, and we are honored to have your support, and trust.”