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Unique Advantage Testimonials

We have grown our business many fold with Unique Settings, primarily through their Unique Advantage™ program.
Time and time again, we turn to Unique Settings even though many other options are available to us.
This is proof that Unique Settings delivers consistently, dependably, with no exception to great quality.

Day's Jewelers

During our annual marketing retreat last year, we specifically looked at what drives our business.
We heard about Unique Advantage™ thru Buyers International Group. A no brainer to invest $6000 in designer prototypes filling a 6 foot case.
We see this as the way of the future in the business of jewelry.

Fincher & Ozztzment Jewelers

"Odds are that growth and success are now inextricably linked to breaking the old rules and setting your organization’s new rules loose in an industry too afraid to change" Seth Godin.
There is no better quote to open with when talking about the Unique Advantage program.
After looking at many different sample lines, Unique Advantage was the clear winner.

Rasmussen Diamonds

While some jewelers are less than enthusiastic about selling engagement rings these days, Scoville Jewelers is bullish and enjoying success thanks in large part to Unique Settings of New York.
"It was actually Shane Decker who recommended Unique Settings as an excellent source of prototype engagement rings and wedding bands."
We couldn't be happier. We love the selection, the quality, and the service.

Scoville Jewelers