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What is Unique Advantage ?

Unique Advantage is a Live Catalog, or Designer prototype solution is an effective way to add product with out the high up-front inventory investment associated with bridal jewelry. In every other retail environment shoppers can walk into a store, touch, feel, try one, and even test drive, before their purchase. That was unheard of in the Jewelry retail environment till now. Unique Advantage consists of a comprehensive life like presentation of the best selling bridal jewelry. Made from a special tarnish resistant metal composition, and hand set with high quality diamond simulates.

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Unique Advantage

Why Unique Advantage ?

Because it gives you the opportunity of..

Minimum Investment
Comprehensive Bridal Jewelry Selection
Power of Customization
Confident Buyer
Just-in-Time Service
Maximized Profit.

What Makes Unique Settings of New York Different ?

Ability to ship casting jewelry within 24 hours.
Ability to ship finished jewelry in 3-5 business days.
Highly proficient in designing new models 7-10 business days from sketch to finish.
Ability to ship an existing ring with "customization" in 3-5 business days.


We have grown our business many fold with Unique Settings, primarily through their Unique Advantage™ program... Day’s Jewelers

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