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Stone Sets

As an independent jeweler, one of the biggest perks of the job is helping your clients select the perfect diamond engagement ring or wedding band. Communicating the different types of diamond sets that there are to choose from without the help of visuals can be tough for the customer to comprehend.

A pave setting, places the stones closely together so that they create a smooth surface. The stones are set directly into the metal surface and lift and push tiny bit of metal into the edge of the stone. However, instead of being secured by prongs, tiny beads of metal are placed between the stones to secure them to the band.

A channel setting is extremely popular, especially with regards to wedding bands. A row of stones is fixed between the two walls of the band, making it seem as though they’re floating. This is a great choice for customers who want a glamorous ring without the large diamond centerpiece.

A bezel setting is perfect for the customer with an active lifestyle. A protective metal wall surrounds the centerpiece stone and extends slightly over it, which protects it more than other settings. Because this extension isn’t apparent at first glance, your customer will certainly appreciate how a bezel setting adeptly combines safety and beauty.

A prong setting is perhaps one of the more traditional settings in the diamond jewelry world. With the prong setting, the stone is placed directly within the upright prongs of the ring, which then secures the gemstone to the ring band. While a prong setting may not be as secure as a bezel setting, it’s a perfect setting for the consumer who wants to show off their larger-than-life centerpiece diamond.

A Lucida setting-Trellis has a special type of prong mounting where the metal prongs cross over and sweep upwards to secure the centerpiece stone in place. Famous diamond retailer Tiffany’s first invented this setting, and there are plenty of imitation settings that have followed suit. The Lucida setting is perfect for the couple with an eye for fashion.