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The owners of Unique Settings, whom are also successful New Jersey retailers, were growing increasingly frustrated because they could not find a supplier to provide the custom jewelry items they needed for their customers. If they needed a ring in platinum that was offered in 14K, the suppliers did not stock it. If they needed a ring for a 3-carat center instead of the one-carat version that was offered, the casting houses did not make it. If their customers wanted a design in a different total weight, the suppliers did not offer that version also. If they needed a ring to be in a size 3, they were told that the design could not be sized to this finger size in the metal. Some companies offered to sell them their in-stock mountings set with their choice of stones, and stone quality, but none would allow them to send in their stones for the job. In addition, when they finally found a company that would make their custom piece, they usually took up to 4 weeks, if they were willing to take the project. Over time, they realized that the 24-hour companies were not filling many of their important sales needs.

Unique Settings of New York began manufacturing in 1999 with one guiding promise. We help the retailer to say yes to special requests. Unique Settings provides the independent retail jeweler the styling they need, an unlimited number of choices, cast in most precious metals, in any finger size; as a raw casting, as a polished mounting or as a finished piece of custom jewelry. All products ordered from Unique Settings are made to order. We do not ship from shelf stock and therefore the items you receive come to you as new product made just the way you need it. Early on, we were known as the better jeweler's "best keep secret" and our reputation has grown to become the jewelry industries number one resource for custom special order manufacturing. We currently serve over 12,000 independent retailers from coast to coast, and customer satisfaction.